Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Plant a Seed

Sunday I had a "Mother's Blessing." I didn't call it a Blessingway, what has become a more and more popular event these days for Mother's-to-be... Blessingways originated in part from Navajo Traditions of Honoring the new Mother for this journey/transition. Rather than drawing on these traditions, I looked into my own roots, and learned of Mother's Blessings that used to be a very common occurrence among LDS women. They were not done the same way blessings are usually done in the LDS church today - the biggest difference is that they were most often given BY women, not priesthood holders. They didn't call on priesthood authority or anything, but they did perform a very intimate woman-to-woman ritual.

I took aspects of this tradition, and added in my own personalization for the evening, and had a very beautiful, small, and intimate blessing.

BUT - there was one way any who wants to can choose to participate, still. I ended the evening by presenting those who attended with what I called a "gift of life." I gave them each a pot of soil, and two sunflower seeds (planters, not eaters). I asked everyone to wait to plant the seed until they either heard I had gone into labor, or that I've given birth.

You too can plant a seed to celebrate a new life.

Nothing is more symbolic of life than a seed. When I handed them out I told people that not every seed grows. If you plant your seed, and you get nothing, I said, please use the experience to honor those who wish to be mothers and aren't... either for lack of Father, or lack of ability. In this I especially want to honor my sister Melissa and brother Aaron who wish to be parents and would be wonderful parents, but have not yet had been blessed with a child.

Sometimes a seed will germinate, even sprout, but then not survive - even when conditions are seemingly right. If this happens, use it to honor those who lose their children young, either through miscarriage or other complications. I have a dear college friend who would have also been due in March and lost her baby. I especially wanted to honor you, Shannon, in this.

Sometimes, a seed grows and flourishes. I gave sunflowers because their seed, their potential to sprout new life again, is so readily seen. Celebrating life eternal, it's potential, it's gift.

I'm planting sunflowers today in honor of another new life... my Nephew Elijah was born this morning.


Blogger Stargirl said...

For what little I was able to witness, and what I knew of what would happen, your blessing was beautiful and intimate. I was disappointed that I couldn't be a part of the blessing - ritual has been missing from my life lately, and my soul feels it.

3/01/2006 3:16 PM  
Blogger Tamara said...

I love this idea. So powerful.

3/01/2006 9:07 PM  
Blogger Amber said...

Thank you! I must hurry and get something appropriate to string the beads on... as I can tell this baby is coming soon and I want you bead to be there with me.

3/02/2006 7:48 PM  

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