Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dusting it Off

This blog has fallen asleep. I'm wondering if it's just because we're busy, if you all have other great avenues for spiritual discussion, or if we've become spiritually dusty. Or it could be something else all together.

I've been thinking about blessings. I loved the blessing I had before I gave birth, and felt its strength while in labor.

Now, my baby is very sick. He's already been to the doctor once, but we don't really know what to do for him. He's in so much pain, it breaks my heart.

I'm wondering what kind of faith I have in blessings right now. Do I have enough faith in healing to bless my baby, or is my faith so shaped by past experience that I will require an LDS priesthood holder to bless him? I don't know. I DO have faith in blessings... I've been healed, and I have witnessed miraculous things. I believe the power comes from a unity of spirit, as well as faith - in this case the ability to convince our own minds that we can heal. Our minds are amazingly powerful tools, often under-used.

How do I develop the strength of mind to send healing peace to my son?

Sunday, April 09, 2006



It was good.

I am Mormon all over again for 6 months.

I hear that Pres. Hinckley called out Utah for racism in Priesthood session!

He was really brilliant and beautiful in the Sunday love him. He's a hero to look up to...I cried and cried while he was speaking...sad to think of him leaving us soon.

What did you love in Conference?

I really believed President Hinckley when he described the Restoration...for some reason it was very powerful for me this he and I were just in a room together and he was telling me this story, one on one...the God of the Universe actually appeared to the boy in a grove of trees, in broad daylight, it actually happened...I don't know what happened this time out of all the times I have heard this...but wow...I heard him this time...a message he spoke a week ago, on another continent, and I felt the power of it we were in a hallway and the words travelled down the corridor and entered me.

And I also got that Jesus is the Father and brother that I've always wanted...a man to put his arm around me...telling me I'm precious and protected...ready to defend me and lift me up at any time that I need him...I just felt that and got excited...

I was really shining and happy today....listening to good men and women say hopeful and shining things for 4 hours, surrounded by friends and springtime...

Love Lumina