Monday, June 19, 2006

The Universe is *Still* Alive

I didn't really get any answers from this post; maybe that's because no one wanted to offer any, but I'd still like some, so I'm re-posting it. Maybe this will cheer people up a little bit.

James and I have been talking a lot about spiritual fulfillment lately.

We both don't get all our spiritual needs met at church. So where do we pick up the slack?

James gets many of his spiritual needs met helping people who need it; that's everyday work for him. Oh, I remember helping people! My needs used to get met at Northwest, where I would have wonderful spiritual experiences regularly. The credit union.... not so much. I've been gardening more, which feels wonderful, and spending more quiet moments alone or with trees, but still, my spirit needs fuel. *sigh*

So, my question is: Where are you getting your spiritual needs met?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I've Made a Change!!!

I just went ahead and did it! If you disagree, please let me know, please say I shouldn't have changed the settings and that I had not the right...

No more anonymous posts. My reasoning is this: I think this blog used to have a lot of potential, but frankly I find the conversations lacking. I also suggest to the group to consider having the comment settings as "only registered members" as this might allow us to engage in conversation that is productive and thought-producing.